Berkeley residents Kelsey LaRae and Dylan Gallagher are vverevvolf (pronounced simply as “werewolf”) who met at college and became fast friends and musical collaborators who record 80s influenced music that as they put it ‘would celebrate imperfections rather than smoothing them out’.

Kelsey LaRae’s powerful lead vocal on Lemonade revels in the queer outrage that inspired singer/writer Dylan Gallagher’s lyrics: “They say it’s made up / But inside of me, it’s real enough.”

“In the broader sense, Lemonade is about anger and the validity of that feeling,” says Gallagher. “Writing the song, I was specifically inspired by the special type of anger that I always come back to as a queer person. I’ve found that a lot of people who have no insight into your lived experiences will often be the most vocal ones telling you how to act in response to injustices, so this is basically a response to them”.

Lemonade features on the duo’s Electric Blue EP which you can check out on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp