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Steve Of The North

Steve Of The North presents Delirium Of The Senses, AT Radio’s monthly show dedicated to old music that’s been hiding in the gaps between your sofa cushions. And by that we mean things like library music, vintage electronics, funky European novelty records and all manner of flotsam, jetsam and miscellany.

Steve is the founding member of cult Manchester group Monkeys In Love and DJs fairly regularly with his wife (Laura AKA the Law) at things like book launches and museum soirees. And every so often he sits in for Jonny Trunk on Resonance FM when Jonny goes off camping for the weekend or whatever.

He’s only seen one Marvel film, his favourite request is when people ask him if he can “play something that isn’t this” and he’s really into Aldi chocolate at the moment. He’s a barrel of laughs in his head, but probably not so much in real life.