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Dani Graves

Dani Graves is an obviously political minded punk at heart. They are the lead singer and noise maker for anarcho-industrial punk band The Luddite Collective, which was a project started as a way to express political and personal opinions, bring something different to punk. The Collective steps away from just being a band into the realms of activism; including the running of a free market (because no one should have to choose between paying bills, covering their rent or having food and hygiene products), protesting, standing up when something isn’t right and spreading mental health awareness to help remove stigma and hopefully discrimination. Dani is a proud gender non binary person and believes in taking a stand for this, raising awareness that gender isn’t binary and about the need to break down those barriers is hugely important to them.

As well as this project, Dani is Pandemonium; a chaotic, unpredictable clown noise artist creating a mixture of intense ear bleeding racket and subtle atmospheric sounds. Pandemonium was one half of the political shock noise project Einhorn who brought noise, terror and a message together in an extreme, boundary pushing way.

Dani has previously been involved with several bands ranging from punk to death metal but they have always brought their political roots into their projects, this passion transfers to pretty much everything they do including Retali8, now a radio show but its past incarnation a live event that Dani ran to bring unusual music to the live scene in Leeds, giving more than just standard plug and play bands a chance to get out there.

Music and noise are not the only art forms Dani has a hand in. They can also be found behind a camera creating still moment stories and a variety of audio visual projects. They love creating visual art pieces, especially using materials and subjects most people would discard as rubbish.