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Bob Osborne

Bob Osborne is co-owner of German Shepherd Records and also has been playing music on the radio and podcasting for nearly nine years. He was originally a DJ at Salford City Radio, then moved to Sin Radio before joining AnalogueTrash.

Bob presents two shows on AT Radio. Firstly Aural Delights which comprises under the radar, grass roots music, and some of the best left field artists from the archives. Secondly World of Jazz which comprises the best of new jazz and improvised music releases with the occasional dip into Bob’s vast collection for the best of classic jazz.

Bob is also a sound designer and remixer working with Ian Moss in “The Parasite”, and with Bob Stow as part of “Auster Boys” both of who release music on German Shepherd records.

Bob is a semi-regular blogger writing about the music scene in Greater Manchester as well reviewing music both live and on record.